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World Travellers Exclusive opportunity with A-Rosa

France River Cruises September & October 2023

European premium river cruise company A-Rosa has cruises on the Seine and the Rhône Rivers, operating in and around the 2023 Rugby World Cup games in France. World Travellers have exclusive, and limited cabin allocations on these cruises. First come first served, book now!

Exclusive availability during 2023 Rugby World Cup season! Contact us for all the T&Cs

Email us to find out more about this deal or for any other travel enquiry.

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Seine River Rendezvous with Paris! Paris / Paris, onboard A-Rosa Viva 5 nights, 02 - 07 September 2023 From EU1279 pp, share twin, A category, Deck 1 (Includes overnights in Rouen and Paris) RWC


NOTE: Opening match of the tournament All Blacks v France is in Paris on 08 Sep 2023!


Rhône Route Classique Lyon / Lyon, onboard A-Rosa Stella 7 nights, 07-14 October 2023 From EU1399 pp, share twin, A category, Deck 1 (Includes overnights in Lyon and Avignon) RWC


NOTE: Catch the TGV train to Paris for the Quarter Finals on 14 & 15 Oct 2023!


Normandy & Paris Paris / Paris, onboard A-Rosa Viva 7 nights, 05 - 12 October 2023 From EU1399 pp, share twin, A category, Deck 1 (Includes 2 nights berthed in Paris) RWC


NOTE: Quarter Finals in Paris on 14 & 15 Oct 2023!


River Cruises with A-ROSA

A city break sounds good. But a city break in multiple cities sounds even better. And this is exactly what you can look forward to when you get on board an A-ROSA ship. The best crêpes in the city? Shopping streets that will set your heart racing? Or how about that quirky museum you’ve heard so much about?

Everything is literally at the doorstep of your hotel room. Our berths in the major cities of Europe are mostly in the very centre of the city. So, arrive in a destination, grab your handbag or backpack, and get going! Take photos, make memories, experience a new place! Alone or on guided tours. By foot or on an A-ROSA bicycle. Your holiday, your decision.

And as your premium hotel moves from city to city, you have everything you would expect from a premium hotel on deck – views of the spectacular landscape, delicious drinks, minigolf, a spa and a whole lot of sunshine. Whether you’re in your spacious cabin, at the pool or in our restaurant. Simply drift along and enjoy your dream holiday, which has just become a reality.

River cruises on the Rhine, Main
and Moselle

River Cruise Rhine

Explore the Rhine and its tributaries on a fascinatingly varied river cruise. As you travel from one impressive destination to the next, you’ll discover a wide range of natural landscapes and regions as well as different towns and cities. Along the Rhine, you’ll find untamed landscapes, secluded castles, romantic villages and bustling metropolises, medieval old towns, half-timbered houses and modern architecture. What’s more, A-ROSA Rhine cruises also takes you along stretches of the Main and the Moselle, each river with its own unique character. During shore excursions, you’ll explore cities such as Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt on the Main, Strasbourg, Basel and Brussels – as well as the surrounding areas. As soon as your ship enters a harbour, you’ll notice that each city has its own distinctive atmosphere. Whether it’s traditional, vibrant or modern and urban, every city tells its own story. Immerse yourself in the different destinations during your Rhine river cruise with A-ROSA – and prepare to have an unforgettable holiday.

A-ROSA also offers special Rhine river cruise deals for the festive season. Enjoy the magic of the Christmas markets on a Rhine Christmas cruise, or celebrate New Years on board an A-ROSA cruise ship.

River cruises on the Danube

River cruise danube

There’s nothing like a river cruise on the Danube. One of Europes longest rivers, it flows through a total of ten countries – more than any other river. As you drift along, you’ll experience a wide range of different cities and landscapes: grand metropolises such as Vienna and Budapest as well as many natural highlights. Every region through which the Danube passes has its own unique atmosphere; it appears not only in the ports and cities but also in the surrounding countryside. The most beautiful natural areas include the Danube Loop, the Iron Gates gorge and the Danube Delta, with its steep cliffs and primeval rock formations. Each of the towns and cities along the Danube also has its own distinctive charm. As the ship enters the various harbours, you can marvel at very different skylines: from historical to modern, the cities combine various architectural styles. Discover the diversity of this great river and the surrounding regions on a Danube cruise. It’s an experience the whole family will enjoy.

You can also experience the magic of Christmas on a Danube river cruise. Or why not join A-ROSA as we set sail for a New Year’s Eve Danube river cruise?

River cruises on the Rhône and
the Saône

River cruises on the Rhône and the Saône

It’s time to discover the delights of France. Outstanding cuisine and exquisite landscapes await you on your Rhône cruise. You’ll find so much to explore along the Rhône and Saône rivers: untamed nature, beautiful countryside, and towns and cities both historical and modern. Be it the wild Camargue region, the vast and colourful lavender fields of Provence, or a metropolis like Marseilles or Avignon, a river cruise on the Rhône is an unforgettable experience. As soon as your ship enters each harbour, you’ll be struck by how typically French it feels. Make the most of your excursions into the cities and surrounding areas by strolling through picturesque old towns, sipping tea or coffee at cosy pavement cafes and marvelling at impressive cathedrals and monuments. Explore narrow streets lined with colourful houses and immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the French ports. When it comes to culture and history, the destinations on your Rhône cruise have a great deal to offer. Cities such as Arles were settled by the Romans, and their ancient monuments still bear witness to bygone ages. Treat yourself to an A-ROSA cruise on the Rhône and Saône and revel in the delights of France – a fascinating experience for the whole family.

The countryside in the south of France becomes particularly beautiful in the summer: lush meadows and intense fields of lavender will reveal their beauty during your Rhône river cruise. Leave everyday life far behind and take this opportunity to relax and unwind amid wonderful scenery.

River cruises on the Seine

River cruises on the Seine

Embark right to the heart of France on a Seine cruise. The leading metropolis of this varied region – Paris – is the starting point for your cruise. Since the Seine flows right through this incredibly varied and dynamic city you’ll enjoy magnificent views of – and from – the river. Delight in wonderful vistas of the Eiffel Tower alongside historical, picturesque facades and small bridges and immerse yourself in the city’s dreamlike atmosphere. Further along the river there are more highlights to discover on your Seine cruise. Depending on which itinerary you’re following, the banks will be lined with orchards, fields of lavender, sweeping vineyards or dotted with old castles and palaces. The picturesque landscape invites you to relax and unwind. Normandy awaits you with its delightful scenery and culinary experiences – and there’s also Versailles, Vernon and Les Andelys to discover alongside Paris. Here, each town or city has its own inimitable charm. Explore historic urban centres and discover fascinating sights that will make your cruise one to remember forever. It’s a magical experience for both young and old – with plenty of French flair.

River cruises on the Douro


Come aboard! Discover the beauty of the Douro, and explore Portugal’s soul.

Porto is the port of departure and arrival for our Douro cruises. Which means you’ll have plenty of time to stroll through the splendid old town, take in the view from Portugal’s highest church tower and sample bacalhau, the country’s favourite dried fish. It is said that there are 365 ways to cook it. While you are there, don’t miss the opportunity to go on an excursion to Salamanca in Spain. With its 13th-century university, this impressive city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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