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New Year Sale

Save a massive 30% on selected Contiki Europe tours in 2023

Travel Dates

Selected Tours 01 Feb -31 Dec 2023

Sale Ends

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Email us to find out more about this deal or for any other travel equity. 

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Best of Spain and Portugal

19 days | 2 countries

Want to truly get to know Spain & Portugal?
On this 19-day trip we'll immerse ourselves in everything Iberian, from feasts on Seville's rooftops to tasting port in Porto, to uncovering Moorish architecture in Córdoba & Granada, exploring charming pastel palaces at Sintra, feasting on fresh seafood in Lisbon and stumbling across UNESCO World Heritage sites around seemingly every corner.
Hitting up all the iconic cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Granada, Lisbon & Porto - a maze of culture, food & colorful experiences awaits. 

(Prices vary according to departure date - ask us for details)


Ultimate Italy

22 days | 1 country

We've been visiting Italy for decades, but it's fair to say we've never put together an adventure quite like this.
From Rome this one glides through Renaissance Florence and the glitzy Riviera, with cooking classes and historical monuments galore along the way.
Then onto Naples and Pompeii, for a feast of pizza and Roman history, before hitting up the incomparable Amalfi coast.
After cruising around some dazzling isles and visiting some lemon groves, we'll head back to Rome. But we're not done yet - not even close.
Sicily beckons, with its valleys of ancient archaeological wonders, volcanoes to explore, coastal towns to fall in love with and all of the heavenly carbs we can fit in.
After a full week on this paradise island, we'll be head-over-heels for absolutely everything Italian. It's called Ultimate Italy for a reason.

(Prices vary according to departure date - ask us for details)


European Trail

23 days | 13 countries

This epic 23 day trail through Europe balances all the sightseeing icons with unexpected marvels and underrated destinations.
From walking the cobbled streets of Michelangelo's Florence and seeing Paris lit up at night, to a sobering WW2 education in Poland and bunking down amid snow-capped mountains in the Swiss Alps, this is a barnstorming European best-of.
Because we don't want you to miss out on the unmissable.

(Prices vary according to departure date - ask us for details)


Social travel for 18-35s

Don’t do it for the places. Do it for those shared moments. That widen eyes and fill up camera rolls. That turn shy hellos into tearful goodbyes.Do it for the memories. When you danced ‘til the sun came up, laughed ‘til you couldn’t breathe, shared a part of yourself with the world, and got so, so much more in return.Do it for a community you’ll be a part of for life. Welcome to social travel for 18-35s.

  • Join our global community


    Book with Contiki, and you don’t just join a trip. You join a global community. From the locals who show you the world through their eyes, to the fast friends you swap playlists with on the coach. These are the kind of connections that last a lifetime.

  • Book and Go


    To travel Contiki is to travel confident. Confident our experts have handpicked the best destinations, most seamless transport and sweetest stays. Confident you’ll be introduced to incredible new sights, flavours and friends every step of the way. Tickets in hand. Luggage in transit. Relaxed smile on face. We sweat the small stuff. You just need to book and go.

  • Unforgettable experiences


    Our trips are packed with awesome activities and immersive experiences that’ll stick with you forever. Maybe they’re unforgettable because they quickened your pulse. Awakened your tastebuds. Taught you something new. Or maybe because they made you laugh ‘til you couldn’t breathe. That counts too.

Book with confidence Our commitment to your well-being

We know plans change, which is why we make sure those hard-earned funds are protected. From our FlexDeposit policy to our 45-day refund program you can change your plans for any reason, or no reason at all and rest assured your money is protected.


We’ve stepped up our health and hygiene practices because your safety is always our top priority. With the WTTC safe travels stamp, you can travel with confidence knowing we’ve adopted top-notch global safety protocols.


How it works


These aren’t just holidays. They’re adventures curated by travel experts. So what comes included in your trip? Amazing destinations, transport, accommodation and experiences for a start. Oh, and a bunch of your best friends too. You just haven’t met them yet.

  • Pick your destination and book


    We make travel so easy that picking where to go is the hardest part. Check out our online magazine, six-two if you need inspo. (Or just throw a dart at a map. Chances are, we go there). Ready? Now lock in your spot. You can book now and pay later with financing or part pay. And you can always change your mind later, free of charge. Told you it was easy.

  • Turn up to your dream trip


The day has arrived! You’ll be welcomed at your start destination by your Trip Manager. Think of them as your guides, friends, confidantes and walking Wikipedias. And they’ve sorted everything for you. Comfy accomm, seamless transport, and amazing experiences. They’ll also introduce you to your Contiki fam (the new friends you’ll be making memories with throughout your trip).

  • Have the time of your life


Contiki has been honing social travel for over 60 years. So no matter how you join – shy, confident, solo, in a group – you’ll quickly make lifelong friends. Travel experiences are that bit more special when they’re shared with others. But to truly understand the Contiki magic? You need to experience it for yourself.

  • Solo without the oh-no


You can join Contiki trips as a solo traveller (in fact almost 60% of
our travellers do!) Our trips are creatively designed to construct
group dynamics fast so you won’t feel solo for very long. It’s not all us
though. It’s made easier by all the excitable and loveable travellers
you’ll meet, looking to make friends and memories just like you.

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