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Explore the world with Hurtigruten Expeditions.  They've been sailing polar waters since 1893 - over 128 years! Now is your chance to explore one of their many destinations with this super special offer.

Discover vast South America, the far flung Antarctic and Falklands Islands, the weird and wonderful of the Galapagos Islands.

These are just some sample destinations, but there are so many more!

For a very limited time we can offer you a special deal of 50% off the second person travelling.  So if you and a travel buddy want to book together, one pays full price on the cruise, the second pays only 50%. This applies to selected sailings between January and June 2023, so call us for further details. Valid for new bookings made by 4 Dec 2022.

Explore Antarctica

Go ashore and discover the charming wildlife and spectacular frozen landscapes, from snowy mountains to icebergs and glaciers.

Explore Antarctica’s epic icescapes, sculpted by the rawest forces of nature. Visit landing sites, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery on this planet. See spectacular wildlife, including Antarctica’s famous penguins, whales, and seals. Guided by the Hurtigruten Expedition Team, you’ll actively explore Antarctica on hikes, in a kayak, as a Citizen Scientist, or even camping in Antarctica.


Discover the Galapagos Islands

The wild beauty and unique ecology of the Galapagos Islands makes for the ultimate expedition cruise destination. With rugged volcanic scenery and tame wildlife, little has changed here since Darwin set foot here in 1835.

Join this once-in-a-lifetime voyage of discovery and witness the iconic wildlife and spectacular landscapes of the Galápagos Islands. This remarkable archipelago is where Darwin developed his theory of evolution, and even today it remains an ecology hotspot and a haven for nature lovers. Sailing aboard the comfortable and small expedition ship Santa Cruz II, and with a team of expert local guides to accompany you, you’ll find out for yourself just why these islands are one of the most inspiring places on the planet.


Vibrant South America

South America is a realm rich in the archeological treasures of great civilisations, colonial influences, the majestic Andean mountains and the glaciers and fiords of Patagonia.  You'll encounter awe-inspiring biodiversity in the region's many national parks.

The extraordinary diversity of South America’s landscapes, wildlife and history make it a rich, colourful and exciting region to explore. It’s a land of dense rainforests, glacial fjords, ancient ruins, sandy beaches and bustling cities – ripe for active adventure. From the Scarlet Macaw to the wild guanaco, the Hurtigruten Expedition Team will help you spot South America’s most famous animals and colourful birdlife.


Email us to find out more about this deal or for any other travel enquiry.

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