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Adults Only - Leave the kids at home!

Being a parent is tough and as much as we love them it is pretty much a necessity for everyone’s sanity that the adults in the family have some child-free time. This is not a nine to five job, it's 24/7 no switching off, no breaks, constantly on the job putting everyone else first above you.

Hey, let’s face it the working mums and Dads are the lucky ones that get a break 9-5! Having downtime is precious, it may be time spent on your own hobbies, with your mates on a Friday night or date night with your partner.

The really lucky ones get to ditch the kids completely and head away on a romantic holiday together. If this is what you have been dreaming of, make sure you get it right when you book. Don’t rush it, pick your resort carefully. You need to make sure this holiday really is one to remember for the right reasons. We have heard the horror stories all too often, the long-awaited second honeymoon that turned into a disaster. The couple that booked in hurry and spent their holiday listening to tantrums at dinner, crying babies in the room next door and the screaming kids on the beach at the kids club.

If you are planning a romantic holiday without the kid's book adults only. Yes, it may be a bit more on the pricey side but it will be worth every dollar. Adults only resorts are all about the couple, the focus is on you, your relaxation and your enjoyment. The facilities and activities are there to cater to adults and not to families.

More luxurious rooms, top of the line dining and most importantly, no reminders of what you have left behind. A chance to truly relax with no interruptions from your kids or any kids! You deserve this, spending just a bit more is just sensible.

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