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Plan your dream beach wedding.

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Have you always dreamed of getting married on the Beach?

You are not alone! More and more couples are now opting to an exotic location to get hitched and what could be more romantic than saying “I do” with the sound of waves lapping the beach. A sandy walk down the aisle with a stunning backdrop is certainly a beautiful way to start your married life and you won’t have far to go for the honeymoon either!

If a beach wedding is your dream the idea of planning everything can be just a little daunting, organising a simple holiday these days is hard enough. Good preparation is essential to make sure that the fairy-tale happens how you want it to. Here are some of our tips to make sure your special day is picture perfect.


Wedding are expensive but the good news is that choosing a beach wedding overseas can actually work out cheaper than a wedding at home with a larger guest list. Think about what you are willing to spend and which elements of the wedding you are happy to compromise on if you need to. Would you be willing to spend less on the dress to have the perfect location in that 5 Star resort for the honeymoon? Maybe you want to do it the easy way and have everything prepared for you, or would you prefer to organise and take the decorations with you? Wedding packages take the stress out of the organisation and have many inclusions that make a do-it-yourself option maybe less attractive. The other advantage to the wedding packages is that the budget is less likely to blow out!

Destination and location

Now the options are here are simply mind boggling! Kiwi’s favourites? Rarotonga and Fiji are our top wedding, elopement and honeymoon destinations. Don’t forget renewal of vows too! The perfect excuse for a romantic getaway. You don’t have to limit your sights to the pacific there are many more destinations to choose from around the world and all are magical. To secure your dream location make sure you are planning well ahead. Resorts are filling fast and there are lots of others out there that are making reservations to marry in tropical locations. Your guests are also more likely to attend given plenty of warning. Booking well ahead will give you the best chance to reserve the idea dates, best rooms and far better prices.


Our advice here is leave it to the pros. Resorts will handle all the little details for you and many include the cost of a wedding planner in the package. All the little details will be taken care of, hiring the celebrant, decorating and photographers leaving you stress free to enjoy your big day. Take into consideration the duration of the Marriage Licence approval period. The likes of Rarotonga require you to be there several business days prior to get your licence. All resorts that offer wedding packages take this into consideration and some even assist with transport to the Court House. We find that wedding packages are well priced and booking as wedding party will give you lots of perks.

The weather

Getting married in a tropical location will not guarantee you sunshine but you will be increasing the odds considerably! Still do your homework and make sure you have picked the best time of the years for your location. Too hot and the day won’t be much fun for anyone. You want to be avoiding the rainy season too.

Adults only or are the kids invited?

This will matter to some of your guests but not all. If your best man has kids and is expecting to bring them along then booking certain destinations and resorts just won’t work. There are pros and cons both ways and this one is a personal preference but taking into consideration your friends and family is important. One solution if you want to please everyone is to look at two different resorts, an adults only for some of the guest and one that is family friendly. That way your guests will be able to take advantage of babysitters and kids clubs for some well-deserved adults only time.

Still undecided?

Here are some reasons to say “I Do” on the beach.


Beach wedding mean the dress code can be relaxed for the guests and even for the groom. Your wedding dress can still be big, white, and beautiful but you can opt for lighter fabrics and even rock bare feet walking down the aisle.

The photos

Not much convincing needs to be done here. The photos will be outstanding with so many fun, romantic options available in a tropical location. How about a taking some photos on a yacht, a romantic kiss as the sun sets on the horizon and the wedding party together with the waves lapping their ankles.

Your guests will love you!

What better gift to give than a holiday? We don’t all need too much convincing to go on holiday, but this invite will certainly push your friends and family into splashing out and finally dust off their passports. The memories you will be creating will last a lifetime and your wedding will certainly be one people won’t forget easily.

The honeymoon

Whether you chose to stay put and share your honeymoon with your friends and family or hop over to another island or resort for some quality time alone. You won’t have far to go and the honeymoon will feel like it’s already started before the vows are said!


If you are ready to make your beach Wedding plans contact your World Travellers and we will match you up to a consultant that will help you plan a wedding to remember!

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