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Revenge Travel trends New Zealand

Yes it’s a thing! The rest of the world has se the revenge travel trend now for a while and Kiwis are following suite. With the easing of restrictions all over the world we are rushing out to spend big. After all that holiday fund that has been burning a hole in our back pocket for far too long!

Revenge travel is all about thinking big, booking bucket list adventures and jetting off to destinations we have only been able to dream of until now. Overseas travel has been put on the back burner but that didn’t stop people dreaming and planning. We know what we want and it can’t come soon enough. We are desperate to travel and now more than ever we want our travel experiences to really count.

Curious to know where others are heading?

Here are some of the big bucket list experiences our customers have been booking.

Experience Africa

Sightseeing, safaris or horseback adventures. Even include a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti. These are true bucket list adventure experiences for a once in a lifetime holiday. Go the extra mile and book 5 stars all the way.

You don't have to rough it even on Safari!

Luxury Resorts and tropical escapes

Resorts have it all and we know where the best are. Perfect for the belated honeymoon and always a winner for a family holiday. Try Hawaii, Thailand, Maldives, Raro, Bali.....even a few days in Mexico after your Caribbean Cruise.

Hey, you have been waiting so long let's push the boat out!

Cruise the World

The ultimate in luxury travel, see the world from the water, visit multiple destinations and enjoy being waited on day and night. Not into the idea of an Ocean Cruise? Try a river cruise as part of your itinerary when booking your round the world trip.

The world really is your oyster.

Family Experiences

You just can't beat Disney! What family is not going to have the best time at a theme park and Disney really is the best. If it's the US you choose make sure you extend the trip to include another destination. How about a stop off in Hawaii? Mix in the adventure with some well-earned beachside relaxation.


Really??? Yes really! Remember we said revenge travel is all about thinking big. If you have an adventurous spirit, take a cruise to Antarctica. Visit McMurdo Station and Scott Base, see wildlife in one of the world's most remote and beautiful wilderness. Even take the family along to give the kids a holiday they will always remember.

We have unlimited travel experiences that you may have never considered before.

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