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Travel expectations and the reality.

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We have well and truly broken out of our COVID restrictions here in New Zealand, as are many more countries around the world. You can still feel the anticipation and excitement in the air now, months after the boarder restrictions have been lifted. So many of you are rebooking cancelled holidays, finally able to use those credits that have been tied up for two years. We are also seeing a wave of new customers booking travel to see friends and family, long-awaited reunions with loved ones are long overdue. For others, they cannot wait to simply travel again and see the world. Booking big-ticket trips to exotic destinations and ticking off bucket list adventures is a hot trend right now. Confidence is back in travel now and Kiwis are flocking to the airport.

Rush for travel

This does not come as a surprise, and we anticipated a rush on our services as soon as the very welcome border announcement happened. While New Zealand has remained locked down to domestic travel only, the rest of the world has slowly but steadily resumed travel. We have been stuck in our own little bubble, largely unaware that for the rest of the world the party had already started.

Apart from freedom to travel what does this mean for New Zealanders? Now we are waking up from our COVID restrictions and gearing up to jet off overseas, unfortunately, we are arriving late to the party. For some months now World Travellers have been watching as the rest of the world has started booking. Safaris in Africa, Trips to the US, river cruising in Europe, beach holidays at resorts all over the world. The most popular destinations are getting booked out and the hotels no longer have the need to discount their accommodation. Unlike Kiwis, travellers around the world have had the confidence to book ahead for some time now. With life returning to normal so are the prices and the availability can be tight.

Other factors like fuel prices, staffing issues and really just the massive demand has driven flight prices through the roof, accommodation prices are well and truly back to pre Covid highs. Worldwide, occupancy and traveller numbers are up and even smashing records. In Europe, they are seeing up to 95% occupancy rates for peak periods and Cruises for 2023 are selling out fast. If you have dreams of finally doing that trip you have been dreaming of, booking ahead is vital. Especially if you want to pick and choose where you stay or what you want to do.

It’s not all doom and gloom out there. If you are smart and plan well, your holiday dreams can still be a reality. Your world Travellers Travel Agents are here to give you advice and we will always do our utmost to meet your budget and needs. What can you do to help us make all this happen for you? Make sure you book ahead, plan now and secure your holiday well in advance if you have a tight budget. Book now for 2023-24 and have realistic expectations around accommodation availability and flight prices if you are in a rush to travel. Remember that the holiday you were forced to cancel may not be available at the same price if you want to travel sooner rather than later. When you book your free consultation be very clear about your budget expectations and desired travel destinations. The more detail we have about your wishes the easier it will be for us to book quickly and get it right the first time.

Our other hot tip is to keep looking for our deals, if you have your passport on hand, are ready to book, some of our holiday package prices may pleasantly surprise you. Sign up for our emails and the deals that you choose to hear about will be delivered to your inbox, follow us on Facebook and we will will show you many deals there too. We try to squeeze everything onto our website but the world is a big place! To be honest our Travel Agents know about the best destinations, deals and new exciting holiday experiences quicker than we can get them up! If you don't see what your after contact the pros they will have it sorted for you in no time.

As always, the World Travellers teams are here for you and will work hard to make sure that your travel needs are met. We are dedicated to bringing the very best to you at all times. It is our mission to make sure all our customers without exception, have the best experience we can deliver. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do.


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