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Topdeck offers tours that are fun and hassle free


get social when you travel with Topdeck

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Get Social Travel for 18-35s

Real Value

Logistics = sorted. No hassle, no number crunching, no going hungry. You’re safe with us.

Real Passion

Adventures supercharged by Trip Leaders who lead, who inspire and 100% have your back.

Real Moments

Delve deeper. Meet the locals. Swim, fly, explore, embrace it all. Now is your chance.

Make new friends on top deck tours

So, who the hell are Topdeck?

Short answer: they are the travel-enthusiast fairy godmother you never had. Your hassle-free ticket to discovering more destinations. Your exit from the daily grind into life-changing experiences. A chance to uncover extraordinary with a bunch of curious, like-minded people – with the freedom to delve deeper and just be you.  

Aged 18 to 30-something? Topdeck are devoted to making your travel dreams a reality. And after years in the group travel biz they know what you want – and aren’t scared of over-delivering. 


A Topdeck trip is an alternate reality. A realer real, away from home, work, the usual. Your chance to be the best version of yourself. To be an insider, not a bystander. To share incredible moments with people who are 100% different, but 100% the same. To strip it all back and find the real you.  

Trust us, if you go it alone, it sure as hell won’t be the same.

Topdeck coach tours

Ways to travel with Topdeck​

Topdeck offer a variety of different travel styles that will be sure to tick any traveller's boxes. From action-packed focusing on getting social and meeting people to play and pause type tours where you pick and chose what you do and have time to adventure by yourself. With destinations and experiences worldwide including right here in New Zealand there really is an experience for everyone. 

Our world Travellers team can guide you to pick the perfect tour for your next adventure 

Topdeck group travel for 18 -35s
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