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The Ultimate Holiday Experience. Why Cruising is a Perfect Holiday Choice

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the side of a luxurious ship as you open your eyes to a stunning sunrise over the horizon. You step out onto your private balcony and take in the breathtaking views of the open Ocean or exotic destinations. You sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee while planning your day's adventures, whether it's exploring pristine beaches, discovering hidden gems in ancient cities, or immersing yourself in unique cultures. Welcome to the world of cruising – a holiday experience unlike any other.

Cruising has become a popular choice for travellers seeking a convenient, all-inclusive, and immersive holiday experience. Not all travellers are the same and we know that what suits one will not suit all. The great thing about cruising is the choices. From small luxury ships to adventurous expedition experiences and even family-friendly ships with water slides and go-kart tracks. There really is a cruise out there for everyone

Norwegian Cruises - Go Kart Track

Cruise ships are floating resorts, offering a wide range of amenities and services that ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience on board. From spacious cabins with modern amenities to world-class dining options, entertainment, and relaxation facilities, cruise ships are designed to cater to every need and desire of their passengers. You can experience the highlights of multiple destinations in one trip, providing a taste of different cultures and lifestyles and the biggest bonus is you only unpack once!

Celebrity Cruise Ship pool on the top deck

Luxury small-ship cruising takes convenience to the next level. With smaller ships, you can access ports that larger ships cannot, allowing for more intimate and exclusive experiences. Luxury cruise lines such as Seabourn, and Silversea offer all-inclusive packages that include gourmet dining, premium beverages, gratuities, shore excursions, and even flights in some cases. These all-inclusive packages ensure that you can indulge in a worry-free vacation without constantly reaching for your wallet.

Silversea - Silver Muse Sydney

With smaller ships, you can expect personalized service, attention to detail, and a high level of comfort. Cabins are often spacious and elegantly appointed, with amenities such as private balconies, plush bedding, and en-suite bathrooms. Luxury cruise lines also offer gourmet dining options, with restaurants helmed by renowned chefs, serving exquisite cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. You can indulge in fine wines and spirits, and enjoy exceptional service from the ship's staff, who strive to make your experience truly memorable.

Butler service on Silversea cruise

Expedition cruise lines like Hurtigruten offer a unique and adventurous experience, perfect for those who crave exploration and discovery. Some cruise lines even have submarines so you can explore the underwater world like never before! These cruises often focus on remote and less-travelled destinations, providing an opportunity to witness incredible wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural encounters that are off the beaten path. These cruise lines also offer educational programs, expert-led lectures, and immersive activities, allowing passengers to learn and engage with the destinations they are visiting in a meaningful way.

Hurtigurten Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises also have smaller ships, equipped with modern amenities and comfortable cabins. These cruises often have a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, with ships designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Onboard, you can enjoy dining options that highlight local flavours and ingredients. You can relax in observation lounges, enjoy the scenery from outdoor decks, or unwind in wellness facilities such as saunas and hot tubs.

Silversea Luxury expedition cruises

Other cruise companies like Carnival, NCL, Celebrity, and P&O offer great value for money, with a wide range of itineraries and destinations to choose from. With a variety of dining options, entertainment, and activities on board, you will find something for everyone. You can enjoy live shows, indulge in gourmet cuisine, relax by the pool, or even try your luck at the casino. Shore excursions allow you to explore the local culture and history of the destinations you visit. You can take guided city tours, visit museums and historical sites, and interact with the locals, providing a well-rounded experience that combines relaxation on board with cultural enrichment ashore.

Carnival Cruise ship

World Travellers are your cruising experts, our consultants have a deep love and passion for this unique mode of travel. With our extensive knowledge and personal cruising experience, we can advise and match travellers with the perfect cruise and destination to ensure you have the ultimate holiday experience. From luxury small-ship cruising to adventurous expedition cruises and value-packed options from popular cruise lines, there is something for everyone.

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